Lauren's Mom ROCX It! Shape-Shifter

"A mother is one who can take the place of all others but she whose place can be taken by no other." I do not know who originally said this, but I could swear they wrote it with my very own mother in mind. My mother operates as if she has super powers, shape-shifting from one thing to the next as needed. In one moment, I see my mother taking the role as a fearless businesswomen. She has the highest level of education of any other in the family and I am so inspired by her success. My mother is a strong woman capable of anything, teaching her daughter that the sky is the limit. In the next moment, however, my mother is a nurturer. She will drop everything going on in her overflowing schedule to make sure that I am happy, healthy and feel loved. My mother taught me that there is nothing wrong with being a nurturer, and that women should celebrate their gift of spreading unwavering love to her family. But then my mother transforms again into my best friend. Living far away from my mother has opened my eyes to her role as my best friend more than anything. I look forward to laughing, crying and gossiping with her on the phone nearly every day. Every time I see something beautiful or have a positive experience, she is in the back of my mind. I always wish that the experience was being shared with her because I know my best friend would appreciate it in the same way that I do. My mother teaches me everyday that a woman is truly limitless. She shows me in every step she takes that being a woman is not constraining, but empowering. I feel truly blessed that I inherited traces of my mother's DNA. Maybe it will shed some of her super powers to her admiring daughter, enabling me to someday become even half the women she.

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  • Carol Gavan on

    A beautiful, thoughtful message for her special mom.

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