Denise, You Rocx It! The Small Things We Do Have A Big Impact on Others

For “mom and son time", my son and I often head to our favorite coffee shop, not because the drinks are our favorite, but because Denise is. Denise has a way of making you feel special.  When we see Denise, my son’s face lights up.  I feel a sense of joy come over me just by seeing her smile. She greets every regular customer by first name, and knows all their favorite drinks, yet she has no idea of the positive impact she has on other people’s day, just by being her cheerful self. I was thrilled that she was honored to be interviewed on LUV ROCX.

Denise grew up in the quaint town of Julian in California. One of her favorite memories was going to a coffee shop with her mom. She said as soon as her mom pulled into the parking spot, the owner of the coffee shop would make her favorite drink and have it ready when her mom walked in the door. Seeing her mom happy, made Denise happy too.  The happiness her mom felt from this simple gesture has an impact on Denise today.  It is no surprise that her favorite part of working in a coffee shop is making a game out of knowing each customer’s name, and making their “usual” drinks before they ask.

Denise admitted to having challenges after her parent’s divorced. She said she “grew up fast”, and moved out of her home when she was just sixteen. She said her best advice to staying positive is “to find the humor in anything, know that things will get better, and in time it will pass.”

Denise’s future aspiration is to go back to her roots and own her very own coffee shop in Julian, California. I told her when she does, my son and I will be her first customers.

We often do not realize the impact we have on others through our daily interactions.  The small things we do each day can have a positive and profound effect. 

Denise, thank you for making our days brighter!  Denise You ROCX It!

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