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Bren ROCX It! Bren Spreads Kindness Through Giving Smiles

Bren ROCX It!   Bren Spreads Kindness Through Giving Smiles

In 2003 Bren, a whimsical artist, decided to do a month long experiment where he left his “happy” character paintings in random places with a note attached which read, “This painting is yours if you promise to smile at random people more often.”  Shortly after, numerous people contacted him to share their stories of how his paintings had touched their lives, and in several cases gave them hope. One painting was found by a woman on her first day of chemotherapy.  Finding and having Bren’s painting helped her deal with her illness and treatment.  Another painting was found by a...

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Lynne ROCX It! Star Mom

Lynne ROCX It!  Star Mom

My friend Lynne is not only a mother of 2 beautiful kids of her own, she is a mother to hundreds of kids in the theater. Lynne shares her professional singing, acting, and dancing talents each week with young aspiring actors. She spends countless hours mentoring and nurturing kids and almost never takes a moment for herself. For Mother's Day, I would like to honor Lynne for her dedication and passion she gives to my kids and my family. You have made such a difference in our lives! Thank you, Cat

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Meegan ROCX It! Beating Infertility

Meegan ROCX It!  Beating Infertility

When my husband and I got married in 2012 we wanted to start for children as soon as possible. After several months we realized something was wrong. After months of lab work we learned that my body was "failing to be a woman". I wasn't ovulating and medication wasn't helping. Four years of tracking, temping, monitoring. One day my niece woke up and hugged me and said "I love your baby" I told her there was no baby in my tummy yet. Two weeks later we got our positive!

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Dan's Mom ROCX It! Rockstar Mom

Dan's Mom ROCX It!  Rockstar Mom

This Mother’s Day I wanted to give a shout out to a lady who is always loving, always caring, always thinking about people other than herself. My Mom is a Rockstar of a woman that has taught me the honor in empathy and drive to be of service to others. She has been there for me through the good times and the bad with her positivity and a kind word to cheer me up when I am down. Through her example, I understand that love is the true nature of us all and that sometimes loving ain't easy! Happy Mother’s...

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Lauren's Mom ROCX It! Shape-Shifter

Lauren's Mom ROCX It!  Shape-Shifter

"A mother is one who can take the place of all others but she whose place can be taken by no other." I do not know who originally said this, but I could swear they wrote it with my very own mother in mind. My mother operates as if she has super powers, shape-shifting from one thing to the next as needed. In one moment, I see my mother taking the role as a fearless businesswomen. She has the highest level of education of any other in the family and I am so inspired by her success. My mother is...

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