Teddy Bears for Foster Kids

LUV ROCX LLC is a social responsibility company working with non-profit organizations to distribute locally made and hand-decorated bears to foster kids.  Our mission is to provide luv and support through our bears to children in need.  Each bear is handcrafted with luv and empathy by both children and adults.  Every bear has a red heart pocket with a handwritten note inside from the maker.  “Every Heart is Red” is our message that expresses that no matter what your circumstance, we are all connected by our luv and humanity for one another.

LUV ROCX is looking to build local freelance sewing circles to train and build our bear kits.  The goal of this effort is to bring new income opportunities to our community where the cost of living continues to climb. 

The bear kits will be sold to individuals and groups wanting to personalize a bear for a foster child in need.  LUV ROCX will donate the completed bears on their behalf to local organizations that support foster children.

The inspiration for LUV ROCX is my personal childhood bear Ted.  Ted was my constant friend and supplier of endless luv that got me through my own very difficult childhood.  He helped me survive, and then to thrive.  From the luv of a bear comes tremendous hope, courage, and comfort.  Join us in spreading luv!

Jen, Founder of LUV ROCX