LUV ROCX mission is to spread luv, particularly to at risk youth. For every workshop attended or order placed, we donate a teddy bear to a child in need.

Workshops with a heart connection.  What does this mean?

Our workshops are not just about learning to sew or do art for instance.  Our workshops teach.  We teach kindness, love, and compassion.  We infuse these values into everything we do.  Imagine listening to a touching story about a kid who cares for his sick mother, and then fuse this knowledge into a gift making workshop for Mother’s Day.  Or imagine learning about how sustainable fishing practices take care of animals and our planet in a fish drawing workshop at an aquarium.  Kids come away not only learning a craft, but also taking away invaluable lessons.  And the best part of it, for every attendee we donate a teddy bear to a child in need. 

All bears donated have a red heart pocket with a handwritten note inside from you, the giver.  Every Heart is Red is our message that expresses that no matter what your circumstance, we are all connected by our luv and humanity for one another.

LUV ROCX was inspired by Ted, LUV ROCX Founder Jen’s childhood teddy bear.  “Ted was my constant friend and supplier of endless luv.  From the luv of a bear comes tremendous hope, courage, and comfort.”

Past workshops have included Teddy Bears for Foster Kids at Bella's Studio, Shoreline Church, and at many schools within California, with thousands of bears made.  Each bear is handcrafted with luv and empathy, by both children and adults, and donated to foster children.  Contact us for upcoming workshops at

Kids helping kids is our motto.  Come join us in spreading luv!